“Kay has been such a blessing to me during my very cantankerous divorce. She has guided me through my low points and has shared in the celebration of successes. I am thankful for her kindness, sense of humor and support this past year. She’s been a port in the storm for me when it seemed like my world was spinning out of control; I owe the personal growth I’ve accomplished this past year to Kay and her coaching. Kay has helped me uncover the strength I’ve had inside me this whole time. My only regret is not calling her sooner. Thank you, Kay! ”    L.G., Mill Creek

“A year ago I was encouraged to seek counseling to try and gain some perspective and strategies to better deal with some issues that I was going through. Luckily I was directed to Kay. I was extremely apprehensive at first but Kay has always helped me to try and see the bigger picture. With her guidance I have made some connections regarding how my past has influenced decisions and choices I have made and now make. Using that knowledge has helped me to become stronger, more self confident and I believe to be a better person. The thing I appreciate about Kay the most is her approach in trying to assist me.  She has been kind, understanding and patient yet at the same time she has been direct with me when needed and has challenged me to step up on numerous occasions.”    S.S., Mill Creek

I have worked with other therapists, none of them compare to Kay.  I see a psychiatric RN who highly recommended Kay and I am so pleased! She is kind and knowledgeable, always spends more time than she should.  Her office is beautiful and calming. Most important after working together my moods are stable and I have learned many techniques to calm self, identify issue and avoid problems.”      M. M., Marysville


“When we came to Kay were ready to break up. We have been together off and on for 10 years. She was able to help us to learn communication skills, identify our “past stuff” and work on being more vulnerable and trusting of each other. We are planning the wedding and are so very thankful for Kay’s authenticity, her skills and direct approach.”    Mr and Mrs  H., Lynnwood


"Kay has guided us (me and my husband) through a process of better understanding one another, as well as ourselves.  The work that we have done with her has not only benefited this most important relationship, but all of our relationships with the people around us.  Kay's approachable and common-sense style has been invaluable and the work we've done together will pay dividends for the rest of our lives."            C.J., Lake Stevens


I'd like to reach out to those people considering counseling. My wife and I, being in a new marriage recognized there were some negative relationship issues that were not very well understood. So we decided on counseling with Kay Reimers to help us build a framework for a healthier marriage.

Kay has been wonderful to work with. She has helped us to first identify and understand the origin of those feelings and issues that are present in our relationship. Next was developing an awareness and a set of tools to work with when those patterns emerge. With regular counseling sessions (and homework) we are continuing the journey as it unfolds and getting better at putting into practice what we have learned. Kay has been great to work with and we have definitely improved how we relate as a couple and are experiencing a better relationship as a result.             W.C., Lake Stevens





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